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Low Impact Rear-End Accident

Our client was stopped for traffic ahead when she was struck from behind by another driver in a rear-end automobile accident. The damage to the vehicles did not appear significant, and our client initially thought the neck pain would be fleeting. She rested, saw her personal physician, and took over-the-counter pain medication. Unfortunately, the pain did not resolve, and she developed neurological symptoms like numbness and tingling in her fingers and electrical shocks down her spine that caused her concern. Several spine surgeons told her she would require surgery. Ultimately, she underwent neck fusion surgery in which the discs in her spine were fused at 4 levels.

Often, defense experts testify to juries that the forces involved in low speed accident are not sufficient to cause disc injuries in the spine. They routinely testify that the forces in these types of accidents are similar to the forces involved in everyday activities such as falling back into a chair. But, this type of testimony misrepresents the true nature of these types of accidents.

In this case, we proved that this type of car accident can cause serious injuries even though the damage to the vehicle itself does not appear too significant. We successfully showed that our client’s injury to her neck was caused by the forces in this low-impact car accident. We recovered $1.3 Million to compensate our client for the injury to her cervical spine.

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