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Car Accident Causing Our Client’s Car to Flip

Our clients were a very nice couple from Paso Robles who were visiting Orange County to attend their grandchild’s graduation. Driving back to Paso Robles, a driver in a work vehicle cut them off on the 405 Freeway, and our clients’ car flipped. The husband fractured a disc in his cervical spine (his neck). Luckily, he had a successful surgery and had a good recovery. However, he was left with balance problems.

We had the pleasure of visiting our clients in their home in Paso Robles. This allowed us to better understand the impact the husband’s injuries have had on both of their lives. While the husband was recovering, he was in a hard brace which caused great difficulty getting out of bed and dressing in the morning.

We hired a life care planner and a videographer to help document the daily struggles of the couple so that we would be prepared to try the case. We showed the husband’s tools in his garage that had cobwebs on them from lack of use. The husband loved wood working; he made wood carvings for his children. Unfortunately, his balance had been impacted by the injury, preventing him from returning to his woodshop.

To speed up the lengthy litigation process, we successfully made a motion for a preferential setting of the trial date. We took the defendant’s deposition and were able to obtain a settlement of $1 Million.

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