Wrongful Death – $2.16 Million Settlement

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Alignment Rack Falls Off of a Dolly Causing Deadly Accident

Our client, a newly wed, lost her 30 year old husband, a service writer for an auto dealership, when an alignment rack fell off of a dolly during delivery. The rack, which our client’s husbands was helping guide into the service bay, landed on his head and killed him instantly. We filed suit against the trucking company which delivered the rack to the auto dealership for the improper unloading of the rack, and for not having the appropriate equipment to accomplish the delivery safely. Through investigation, we were able to demonstrated that the company had prior delivery problems. The trucking company tried to evade responsibility by hiding behind a maze of different corporate entities. Through detailed investigation and the use of forensic accountants we were able to demonstrate that the different companies are simply shells, and we were able to convince the court to hold the main trucking company responsible.

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