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Not Just What You’ve Been Through, But Also Who You Are.

Jeff and his team work diligently to represent you to the fullest. Highly recommended A++

James Jones

Ilan was super professional and got me more than what I was looking for. If you ever have an issues and need it resolved. This is the firm to go too.

Thanks again!

Demetrius lafear

Have never met an attorney who really knows your case, and knows clients by name and not by file number. Have and would recommend his services any time.

Lombardo Ulises Cuadra

I worked with Jeffrey Wolf back in June 2016. He was very patient, responsive, returned calls in a timely matter and always kept me up to date with my case. If you are looking for someone who will not only refer you to the best doctors but who will take your case with pride and dedication. Then Jeff is your guy. He gets things done!

Ayisha Burks

Very professional and overall a great experience. Mr. Wolf and his team stayed engaged and connected with me throughout the entire process and were never too busy to explain situations or circumstances. They took the headache out of a unfortunate incident and made me feel at ease the whole time. I would highly recommend this firm.

Matt Pruitt

I was fortunate to get a referral to Jeff Wolf through a friend. Jeff worked with me to settle a claim for a car accident I was in. He was courteous, professional and timely with his responses. He made me feel at ease from our first meeting and throughout the time he represented me. He worked really hard to look out for my best interests. I highly recommend him.

Ayumi Iizuka

I’m so thankful a friend of mine connected me with Jeff and his team. After being hurt in a car accident with my daughter I was lost for how to handle the situation. They helped me every step of the way, from dealing with my car to finding proper medical treatment for my injuries. Jeff actually took the time to get to know us, and would check in with how we were doing. I couldn’t recommend him any more and was truly grateful to have the team during a really difficult time

Yekaterina Stepanova

I worked with Jeff Wolf following a hospital error that required me to have a second and more significant surgery and led to a much longer and difficult recovery effort than I had previously expected. Jeff was friendly and easy to work with, handled all the difficult details, was always responsive, and obtained a reasonable settlement with the hospital. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of help and who wants a fair settlement without extra stress.

Larry Lyons

The car accident I was in caused me a lot of pain both physically and emotionally and I could not have asked for a better lawyer to help me. Jeff is very kind, intelligent, professional, reliable, efficient, really listened, was always available, gave great advice, and negotiated hard for a sum I was very happy with. He went above and beyond. As well as the people working for him. It was really comforting to have someone like him on my side during such a stressful time in my life.

To give a little additional context in case it’s helpful:

I came to Jeff about three years after my accident and deep into the process of handing my claim on my own. If I had known it would result in chronic back pain and three years worth of doc appointments I would have started with a lawyer, but ah well, ya live and learn. I was very stressed as I had done all the paperwork myself and now was going into the unfamiliar territory of a mediation. I wasn’t sure whether I needed a lawyer for it so my doctor of ten years recommended talking to Jeff Wolf. Jeff out of the kindness of his heart gave me advice and answered my panicked emails and patiently explained things in a way that I could understand, so that I could successfully wrap up the claim by myself. I’ve never heard of a lawyer do something like that! It really moved me how generous he was. Luckily I was able to file an additional claim with my own insurance company. Jeff had given me the tools and encouragement to do it on my own a second time but I was emotionally exhausted at that point and I really wanted to hand it off to someone I trusted. Jeff came on board and did the next part swiftly and kindly and took the pressure off me. He’s a stand up guy and a terrific lawyer — I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you Jeff and co.!

Claire Titelman

Jeff is the best lawyer around. Not only did he handle my matter – he educated me, communicated with me often, and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire legal process. Not to mention, he truly cared about my well being esp after my accident and was very professional/organized. If I could give more than 5 stars I would! Thank you Jeff for everything!

Tisha Alyn

Ilan Heimanson is attentive wise and an amazing attorney. He took care of my case with the upmost of care and dedication . If you are looking for an attorney look no more .
Ilan is absolutely the best.

Naomi Ackerman

I am happy that was represented by Jeff Wolf during the case. Super professional, on top of the subject and keep you posted with all the updates. Team always listens to your thoughts and opinion.

I got injured in a car accident and all my medical bills paid and compensation fully covered all the struggle and inconvenience.

Artem Bikin

I had the pleasure of working with Heimanson & Wolf over a 4-year period on a case. They were diligent, professional and had strong strategic skills. They were recommended by a colleague, and I was not disappointed. Thank you for your excellent work.

Serin Silva

Jeff Wolf represented my wife due to an injury she suffered while shopping at a well-known big-box retail store. Jeff went against in-house corporate lawyers from a multi-billion dollar conglomerate and won.

Due to a nondisclosure agreement my wife signed, I can’t get into specific details. However, I can say this. Her injury required surgery due to the company’s negligence. The corporate lawyers used delay tactics, low balling, and “flexing” in an attempt to settle for a low amount. We were about to go to trial; however, because of Jeff Wolf’s legal knowledge, strategy, experience, network of experts, and confidence, he was prepared for trial and was ready to go toe to toe with “Goliath”. When they realized that we were ready for trial, the corporate lawyers requested that we settle for many times what they initially offered.

This was a long and grueling process that took over two years; however, this journey had a great ending because of Jeff and his team at Heimanson and Wolf. During this whole process, Jeff was always accessible, was patient, explained our options, but more importantly, he treated us like family.

Josh Min

Heimanson & Wolf exceeded my expectations in the work they did in every possible way. Not only did the team use their expertise to make sure that the end financial product of the situation was more than apt with the damage that was done in my accident, along the way Jeff Wolf and his team made sure to never make anything more important than myself, the client. I was 100% part of the process along the way and Jeff included me in all necessary info to the extent I wanted to be included. Communication never lacked. Even though my accident was incredibly traumatic and happened during the middle of Covid, the legal team never stumbled and I was never worried my case and my future were in the wrong hands. I’d highly recommend to anyone who will need legal services to go with Heimanson & Wolf as they will take on your case with the utmost care no matter the severity.

Rishab Nathan

The lawyer you never think you’ll need, but glad you found. My family and I will forever be grateful to the person who recommended Heimanson & Wolf Llp to us. Jeff Wolf is caring and compassionate, he got to know us for nearly 2 years on our case. From the beginning he explains everything well, enough for people who have never dealt with anything legal, to understand. He would always call with any updates, we never felt forgotten. The staff is kind and always helpful. All the kind words you could ever think of, I would put here to explain Heimanson and Wolf. Thank you again for everything.

Sidney Morataya

Who you want to represent you without question. They made sure I received fair compensation and did so efficiently. They stay in touch and communicate every step of the way about what needs to happen next. They know what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Jeff and his team are outstanding. Jeff always gave me solid advice, worked tirelessly to get me a fair settlement and Mike ensured I had all the information i needed as well directing me on what to do. I could tell from the time they spent and my interactions with them they truly care about their clients. They cared about my health after my injuries and can truly relate to clients pain and frustrations. Every time I spoke with Jeff or Mike they always took the time to give me all the information. They walk you through the process step by step. I couldn’t have asked for better representation and couldn’t be more thankful for the job they did to get me a just settlement and ensure my medical care was covered. Jeff and his team are the best. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

Travis Vrana