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Century City Personal Injury Lawyer

Century City Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Attorney in Century City, CA

Every day in Century City, CA, many types of accidents occur that result in physical injuries, economic losses, and various long-term damages. When one party causes another party such an injury, this can form the foundation of a personal injury case, a civil claim for damages that can help the victim recover their losses. While a personal injury case may seem like a straightforward legal mechanism, the reality is that many injured victims face a wide range of unexpected challenges as they pursue compensation for the damage inflicted by others.

Legal Representation for Century City Personal Injury Claims

Some people who experience personal injuries are unaware of the full range of options for legal recourse available to them. Others struggle to determine the damages they are able to claim, sometimes settling for much less than they legally deserve. Unfortunately, there are also some victims who do not even attempt to take legal action against those responsible for their injuries due to the mistaken belief that filing a civil suit would cost more than they could potentially recover.

The attorneys at Heimanson& Wolf, LLP, have the professional experience necessary to help a client through any type of difficult personal injury case. Throughout the years of our firm’s operation, we have successfully handled many types of personal injury claims, often securing substantial case awards that exceed our clients’ initial expectations. If you or a loved one is hurt in the aftermath of any other party’s negligence or intentional misbehavior in Century City, a personal injury attorney can help you ensure accountability and a suitable recovery from your damages.

Benefits of Using a Century City Personal Injury Attorney

The average person may not understand the full scope of the legal issues a personal injury can generate, and they may not know how to identify all the various avenues of compensation available to them after a personal injury. While there is no legal requirement that you must hire an attorney, and it is possible to pursue compensation on your own, the right attorney can significantly improve the outcome of your claim and make all your proceedings easier to manage.

Instead of trying to handle your medical needs and your case proceedings on your own, your Century City personal injury attorney can handle your civil claim and provide updates on your case’s progress while you focus on recovery and your household obligations. They will streamline the preliminary stages of your claim, helping you to identify every avenue of compensation open to you while gathering the evidence needed to firmly prove fault for your damages. Ultimately, you are not only more likely to maximize your recovery with the help of a Century City personal injury attorney, but you will also have a much easier time in doing so thanks to their ongoing support.

Common Types of Personal Injury Claims We Handle

When you choose Heimanson& Wolf, LLP, for your personal injury case, you will have access to the entire breadth of our professional resources, litigation skills, and experience handling unique injury cases. Choose an attorney who has experience with cases similar to yours and a strong professional record of successful outcomes behind them. Our team has extensive experience representing all types of personal injury claims for Century City area clients, including:

  • Car accident claims. Every day, thousands of motor vehicle accidents happen across the US, and each state has different laws regarding fault and the compensation available to victims. You can seek full repayment of all the losses a negligent driver caused. You can rely on the team at Heimanson& Wolf, LLP, to help you with an auto insurance claim, and if this is insufficient for compensating the full scope of your damages, we can assist you with filing your personal injury claim to maximize your final recovery.
  • Truck accident cases. A large commercial truck can easily cause devastating harm in an accident. Truck accident claims in Century City not only involve more substantial damages than most other vehicle accident cases filed in the area, but also tend to raise more complex questions regarding liability for damages. Our team has experience handling the most challenging vehicle accident claims for clients in Century City, including those pertaining to commercial vehicle accidents.
  • Motorcycle accident claims. Motorcycles are inherently dangerous because of their small size, making them harder to notice than most other vehicles. Additionally, they offer almost no physical protection to a rider in an accident, and the injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident are likely to be catastrophic in nature.
  • Rideshare accident cases. Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft provide a valuable and convenient service, but when rideshare accidents happen, these incidents are likely to generate contested insurance claims and further legal proceedings. We can maximize the recovery you can obtain from an insurance claim and determine whether you have grounds for further legal recourse that could enhance your total recovery.
  • Premises liability suits. If you suffered a slip and fall or any other injury on someone else’s property in Century City, they are liable for your damages if the injury resulted from negligence. Property owners are legally obligated to ensure their properties are safe for lawful guests and visitors, addressing foreseeable safety issues as they arise or at least warning lawful visitors if they are likely to encounter them while on the property.
  • Construction site accident claims. The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries in which anyone can work based on the number of workplace injuries and fatalities reported each year. While most construction workers who sustain injuries on the job will qualify to file for workers’ compensation benefits, some may have grounds for further legal action if specific parties bear fault for causing their injuries.
  • Medical malpractice. Unfortunately, medical negligence is a leading cause of accidental injuries and deaths in the US each year. When a medical professional fails to meet their patient’s standard of care they absorb liability for any resulting harm. State law upholds several restrictive legal statutes pertaining to medical malpractice, so it is crucial to have an experienced attorney help you with this type of claim.

These are all examples of the types of personal injury claims our team has successfully handled in the past. We can leverage this experience in your case, helping you secure far more compensation than you may have initially expected. Our goal in every case we take in Century City is to speed up the recovery process for our clients as much as possible, help them fully understand the legal mechanisms in play in their proceedings, and guide them to the best possible outcome.

Damages Available to Century City Personal Injury Plaintiffs

In a personal injury case, the plaintiff has the right to claim compensation for economic damages, which are the direct financial effects of an injury. State law also permits them to seek recompense for their non-economic harm, namely their pain and suffering. Economic damages are relatively straightforward, and most claimants will be able to identify the immediately recognizable losses they suffered from their personal injuries. However, they also have the right to claim compensation for anticipated future losses related to their personal injury.

Your claimable economic damages in a personal injury case could include medical expenses such as hospital bills, ambulance fees, and any other medical treatment costs resulting from the accident. A good Century City personal injury attorney can continue by helping you claim compensation for anticipated future medical expenses, which may be extensive depending on the scope of the injuries the defendant inflicted. You also have the right to lost income, and similar to your medical expenses, you can also claim compensation for lost future income resulting from diminished earning capacity after your injury.

Non-economic damage is more difficult to establish in a personal injury case. There is no limit to pain and suffering for a plaintiff in a California personal injury claim with the sole exception of medical malpractice. State law limits non-economic compensation in medical malpractice claims to $250,000 regardless of the plaintiff’s damages. If your case does not fall within the purview of medical malpractice, there is no limit to how much pain and suffering compensation you can seek from the defendant who injured you.

Ultimately, many variables will influence the final results of your personal injury case, but you can significantly improve your chances of securing the best outcome possible by having an experienced Century City personal injury attorney represent you. Heimanson& Wolf, LLP, can provide the compassionate legal counsel you need to feel more confident about your situation.

FAQs About Century City, CA Personal Injury Law

Will I Get a Larger Case Award With a Century City Personal Injury Attorney?

The total potential compensation you could win if you succeed with your personal injury case hinges on the full amount of your economic damages and any long-term complications you face from the incident. An experienced Century City personal injury attorney is the best asset to have if you want to maximize your case award. They can potentially reveal avenues of compensation you hadn’t considered and find additional ways of improving the outcome of your impending case.

What If You Can’t Afford a Century City Personal Injury Attorney?

Most of the personal injury attorneys in the state operate on a contingency fee basis. This means the client pays nothing upfront and pays no ongoing legal fees to the attorney during the case, and they don’t owe any fees at all if their attorney does not win their case. When they win, the attorney takes a predetermined percentage of the client’s case award as their fee. With this type of arrangement, there is no financial risk to the plaintiff, and an attorney would be unlikely to take a case they believe has no chance of success since their payment hinges on a positive outcome for the client.

How Long Does a Personal Injury Claim Take to Resolve?

If another party is clearly responsible for your recent personal injury and you have reliable legal counsel advising you, it may not take long at all to resolve the matter. Defendants in such cases benefit most by settling as swiftly as possible. However, when defendants deny liability or contest the scope of damages sought by the plaintiffs filing claims against them, their cases will take longer to resolve. Your Century City personal injury attorney can provide an estimate of your case’s total potential value and the time it will require to complete your proceedings.

What Happens If I’m Partially to Blame for My Personal Injury?

If you are partially responsible for causing the damages you have cited in your personal injury claim, you should expect to lose a percentage of your case award equal to your percentage of fault for causing the accident in question. However, the pure comparative negligence law in California still permits you to recover compensation even if you bear partial liability. There is no threshold of fault that would disqualify you from filing your personal injury claim, but the higher your fault percentage is, the more vulnerable you could be to a counterclaim from the defendant.

How Soon Should I Speak to a Lawyer After a Personal Injury?

A personal injury of any kind can be a traumatic experience, and the initial aftermath can be very difficult for anyone to approach with confidence. You should address all immediate medical concerns as soon as possible, and once you are able to do so you should reach out to trustworthy legal counsel. Heimanson& Wolf, LLP, can provide representation to injured victims or the family members of victims who are incapacitated and unable to handle their cases themselves.

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The attorneys at Heimanson& Wolf, LLP, are a leading choice for personal injury representation in Century City due to our strong professional record of successful cases and ongoing commitment to client recovery. We have the experience you need to address the most challenging aspects of your case. Whether you are unsure how to prove fault for your damages or you do not know the full scope of damages you can claim from the defendant who injured you, we can be of assistance. Contact Heimanson& Wolf, LLP, today and schedule a consultation with a Century City personal injury attorney.

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