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In the News

In the News
Partner Ilan Heimanson Addresses Patient Abandonment Issues in June HRM

Partner Jeff Wolf Discusses Driverless Cars With ABA Journal

Partner Jeffrey Wolf’s Daily Journal Article Warns of Trial Headaches from ACA Flux

Partner Jeff Wolf Talks Worker Safety With American Recycler

Bruce Jenner Sued For Negligence In Crash

Justin Bieber Settles Bodyguard Lawsuit One Less Legal Headache

Justin Bieber Pummeled His Ex-Bodyguard, Lawsuit Claims

Bruce Jenner Hit With Wrongful Death Lawsuit Over Fatal Malibu Crash

CBS2 Investigation: Patients Claim OC Dentist Didn’t Give Them Care They Paid For

Dov Charney’s Sleazy Struggle for Control of American Apparel

American Apparel CEO sued again, this time accused of choking, verbally abusing store manager

Anesthesiologist accused of talking on phone during dental surgery gets probation

American Apparel Lawsuit Says CEO Dov Charney Threw Dirt At Employee

Hemainson & Wolf On Front Page of LA Times

H&W Files Suit In Case Involving Cement Mixer Crash

The Door to Nowhere Case Settles

Bicycle Case Settlement

H&W Settles Case of Rollover on 405 Freeway

H&W’s American Apparel Suit Reported In Law 360

H&W Wins Jury Trial Against Sheraton Universal

Judge Rules American Apparel Agreement Unconscionable

H&W Settles For Bentley

H&W Obtains $1.34 M Jury Verdict in Victorville

H&W Obtains Large Settlement In Motorcycle Accident Case

Woman Injured When Bench Collapses

CBS on H&W Wrongful Death Verdict

50 Years After Gideon v. Wainwright

H&W Lawsuit Reported On Billboard.Com

Case of Botched Gall Bladder Surgery Resolves for $750,000

H&W Lawsuit Against Justin Bieber

H&W Reported In The Wrap

Bodyguard Lawsuit Against Justin Bieber

H&W Lawsuit In The Hollywood Reporter

NY Daily News On Suit Against American Apparel CEO

LA Times On H&W Suit Against American Apparel

Ankle Fracture Case Settles Before Trial For $450,000

ABC News on H&W Suit Against American Apparel