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$200 Million Awarded to Victims of Chatsworth Metrolink Crash

On July 15th, 2011, A judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court reached a verdict in the case of the 2008 Chatsworth Metrolink crash. Upon hearing of the trials, tribulations, and damages of the train passengers, a judge awarded a sum of $200 million to be parceled out between the victims. $200 million is the maximum allowable compensation that victims of an accident can receive, as set forth by a 1997 law.
The crash, a devastating collision that occurred in September of 2008, left 25 dead. Fault lies with the Metrolink train’s engineer, who was distracted by text messages while on duty. His negligence accounted for the train’s running a red signal, placing it on a collision course with a freight train that had been given the right of way. The accident, to this date, remains the deadliest in Metrolink’s history.

Heimanson & Wolf represented one of the victims of the collision who suffered grave personal injuries when he was tossed from the train upon impact. He, along with the other victims can enjoy some peace of mind, knowing that the responsible party has finally been held accountable for their actions. The victims of the crash will also be receiving compensation for their damages, missed work earnings, medical bills, etc. as they hope to recover from this catastrophic, life changing incident.

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