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Bicycle Accident – $300,000 Settlement

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Cycling Accident, Missed Triathlon

Our client, a sponsored endurance athlete, was riding his completion tuned bicycle as part of his triathlon training. As our client was riding in a marked bike lane, a 17 year old driver negotiated a right turn directly in front of our client, causing a collision between our client’s bicycle and the vehicle. As a result of the collision our client broke his right thumb, requiring a surgical repair. Because of his injuries, our client was caused to miss the triathlon that he was in training for. Despite the fact that our client’s injuries largely resolved, we were able to demonstrate that the temporary loss of use of his right (dominant) thumb has had a significant impact on our client’s ability to engage in sports, work and family life. After being presented with this evidence the insurance company for the driver agree to settle the case for full value before a lawsuit was ever filed.

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