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Motorist Slams into Bicyclist

It is a Sunday morning, and our client, an experienced and competitive cyclist, and riding to join a group of cyclists on Sunset. He is headed north on Crescent Heights when a motorist, driving a truck the opposite direction, turns left directly into our client. The impact throws the cyclist off of his bike, and he lands hard onto the pavement.

The cyclist, who is wearing proper cycling attire including a helmet, loses consciousness at the scene and suffers a laceration above his eye. He has road rash on his arms, hands and legs. He has a hematoma on his forehead. At the hospital, the cyclist is diagnosed with a concussion, contusions and lacerations.

He has a plastic surgeon perform a scar revision to the area where he had the laceration above his eye. And, he has trouble thinking and remembering for a period of time because of his post-concussion syndrome.

We represented the cyclist and helped him recover $350,000 against the motorist who hit him.

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