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An Important Film

“This project was from our hearts, It was not a business deal; we were trying to project a message. If you have family members with Alzheimer, or really any disease, the caregivers have to go through a lot mentally, and we need to appreciate them.

As a child of someone with Alzheimer’s, you have a choice. You can submit your parent to a nursing home, or you can stay with them and take care of them. This is the choice the main character has to make. He could leave, travel the world, be happy…and his father would never even know, his father doesn’t even recognize him.

The point of the film is to showcase the idea that when the parents are young, they take care of us. But when they get older, they need our help and care. And for lots of people, it’s not always being a caregiver. It could be something as small as a quick call because you haven’t talked to them in a week. Maybe take them out for lunch sometime. It doesn’t have to be a full time thing. Just take one step towards spending time with them.”

P.S. Los Angeles,

“The film is dedicated to my father, who had Alzheimer’s.”

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