Bicycle Accidents in The Los Angeles Area

Unfortunately, drivers often don’t give enough respect to bicycle riders. Bicyclists, however, share equal rights to those who drive a car, truck, or motorcycle on California roadways. Through the negligence, inattentiveness or willfulness of other motor vehicle drivers, injuries may occur.

Bicyclists who are involved in even a minor bicycle accident will often suffer far greater injury than those in a car or other motor vehicle collision. Bicyclists who are hit by a car, even at low speeds, generally suffer serious injuries including broken bones, lacerations, brain damage, severe bleeding or even death.

Los Angeles law firm Heimanson & Wolf is experienced with seeking compensation for riders who are involved in bicycle accidents.  Contact Heimanson & Wolf immediately to discuss facts surrounding your accident and for further assistance in obtaining medical treatment for your injuries as well as compensation for a new bicycle, medical costs and services, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, and any lost wages directly resulting from your bicycle accident.

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