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Biking through Culture

“Many years ago, I joined a local bike club. I participated in organized rides and local challenges with set routes and rest stops. However, I found myself wanting even more of a challenge; I started doing 50-mile rides, then 100-mile rides, and even 200-mile rides– some of which I was the only female participating. I eventually found a biking tour group that would travel to different countries and bike across them; these tours would ultimately influence where I traveled. They offered a wide range of difficulties and countries to choose from.

Ireland was my favorite tour because the people were so friendly and the green hills were a challenging but beautiful place to ride through. We biked, on average, 25 to 30 miles a day, with breaks where we could have lunch or walk around whatever town we were in. Sometimes we would take a trip to someone’s home so we could learn about the country and what it was like to live there, first hand. The trips were about 10 days including travel time, but you always had the option to add a pre-trip or post-trip stay without cycling. In that time, I would sightsee in the bigger cities, whereas, during the cycling tours, I would see and stay in smaller towns.”>

P.S. Los Angeles,

“I think biking through different countries opens your mind to other people and cultures. It’s led me to the realization that in the end, we are all the same. People are very friendly. One on one, everyone’s the same- kind, and not what you hear on the news. Traveling gives you a different perspective on life and makes you more accepting of people.”

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