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Cape Town Man Sues Police

A Cape Town man was detained for allegedly flashing the middle finger at President Jacob Zuma as he and his motorcade passed by. The victim claims that the motocross pulled over, detained him, placed a bag over his head, cuffed his hands, and then booked him at the station. He also claims the police later invaded his personal space by conducting a home search without a warrant and slandered his name by asking to speak with his boss at work.
The victim claims not a single of the police officer’s actions were warranted, saying they used excessive force, unnecessary means of subduing him, illegal search of his possessions, and unwarranted interviewing of his boss, which has denigrated his name and made him appear as unlawful and lowly. The victim is seeking a massive settlement against the police though as of yet, there has been no date set for the civil hearing.
Wrongful arrest, unwarranted or excessive force, illegal search, and name denigration, are serious issues that can tarnish a person’s reputation or cause physical and emotional damages. A good personal injury attorney can help you move forward with your life after a life altering incident while making sure you receive the compensation for these injuries and damages that you deserve. As these events can be stressful and emotional, some victims develop life altering conditions like post traumatic stress disorder, but the right personal injury attorney can help you receive compensation for these injuries as well.

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