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Car Flips, Bus Collides with Pole in L.A. Accident

In South Los Angeles last week, a car turned in front of a city buss, causing a major accident.  As a result of the collision, the car flipped over, and the bus crashed into a utility pole.  Though no injuries were incredibly serious, four men and three women were taken to the hospital to be accessed.

Bus accidents can have devastating results.  The victims in this case were lucky, because usually, the sheer size of the vehicle, accounts for accidents to be costly and catastrophic.  These accidents will usually result in a variety of injuries, ranging in scope from fractures to broken bones, and from head wounds to brain injuries.  In serious bus accidents, spine injury, disc injury, and possible paralysis can occur.

These accidents can certainly be life altering whether an accident occurs while you are riding a bus, or you are struck by a bus.  It’s important that if you are in any accident involving a bus, you immediately contact a an experienced personal injury attorney who will bring your case to justice while fulfilling your post accident needs.

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