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Child Critically Injured In Car Accident

On Wednesday at 10:30 am, an unsafe lane change on Route 66 resulted in a catastrophic car accident.  A woman and her child were hit in the rear, spinning their car on it’s end, and causing serious damage, though not totaling the vehicle completely.  The woman sustained a broken rib in the crash, and her two year old child remains in critical condition at UCLA Medical Center.  The woman driving the other vehicle in the crash was not injured.

It is unknown as of yet who was responsible for the accident.  One car definitely made an abrupt and unsafe lane change, accounting for the collision.  Both cars were heading Westbound on Route 66 and upon the accident, the highway was closed in both directions for several hours.

If the driver of the other vehicle is deemed responsible for the accident, she will be claimed negligent, and thus accountable for all damage done.  A good personal injury attorney will make sure the negligent party repays all medical bills, any missed work earnings due to injury, and any other payments made in accordance with the outcome of the accident, whether it be rehabilitation bills, doctor appointments bills, psychologist bills etc.

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