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Drunk Driver Kills Irvine Cheerleader In Catastrophic Collision

14 year old Ashton Sweet, a cheerleader at Northwood High School in Irvine, California, was taken off life support last Wednesday after her organs were harvested for donation. Just a couple days earlier, Sweet, coming home from a birthday party in a Mercedes Benz, was struck by a suspected drunk driver in a Toyota pickup near Culver Drive and Irvine Boulevard.

Three other teenage girls in the car, along with the driver, a father of one of the teens, are all expected to make full recoveries. The news was no so good regarding Ashton Sweet. Though doctors declared her brain dead, Sweet was kept on life support so doctors could access whether her organs could be donated. Shortly thereafter, Sweet was taken off life support.

Drunk driving is the cause of thousands of car accidents. The cause of many a wrongful death, drunk drivers must be help responsible for their actions. A good personal injury attorney can help victims of these car accidents receive compensation for their damages. Medical bills pile up, and coping is difficult; the years of rehabilitation are tedious, but there’s some hope in knowing that personal injury attorneys can help you find some peace of mind as they strive for justice.

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