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Helicopter Crash Survivor Awarded $4.5 Million

In 2003, A helicopter collision at the Torrance Municipal Airport took the lives of two men, and left one other, ex marine Gavin Heyworth, with severe, life altering injuries.  A federal judge concluded that the Federal Aviation Administration was at fault for the crash, finding the blame with the air traffic controllers.  Heyworth’s attorney, Jeff Wolf, of Heimanson & Wolf, helped his client to acquire a $4.5 million settlement at the hands of the guilty party, the FAA.

Aviation accidents, whether commercial planes, private jets, or helicopter crashes can have catastrophic results.  While smaller aviation accidents can lead to more minor injuries like fractures or broken bones, larger scale accidents can result in brain trauma, spine injuries, comas, and even death.

It’s extremely important that you contact a personal injury attorney immediately if you or a family member has been involved in an aviation accident of any kind.  Just like in the case of Gavin Heyworth, an attorney at Heimanson & Wolf can help you receive full compensation not only for your medical expenses but for your potential loss of work earnings as well.  We are dedicated to finding justice and placing fault where it belongs.  We’ll deal with the paper work and the insurance agents while you heal and rehab your injuries, and we’ll make sure you are compensated to the fullest degree.

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