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Injured Man Awarded $550,000 In Case Involving Forklift

In downtown Los Angeles, a 39 year old vendor was selling goods to meat distribution employees in the warehouse’s courtyard. Just inside the warehouse, an employee operating a forklift made his way to the courtyard where he ran over the vendor’s left foot. The vendor was quickly rushed to the hospital where he had emergency surgery to save his seriously injured foot.

The vendor filed suit against the company for negligence and or premises liability. At first, the company would not oblige with the settlement, deeming the accident a fault of the vendor’s. Shortly thereafter however, the vendor’s personal injury attorney compiled a compelling case which proved that the forklift operator did not in fact check his surroundings before moving the forklift. Once confronted with the evidence, the company finally decided to settle, agreeing to compensate the vendor in the form of $550,000.

The outcome of construction accidents can be traumatic. They can result in a plethora of injuries, including broken bones and fractures, and larger accidents can have catastrophic results. Victims might experience paralysis, brain injury, or coma. In even the smallest accident however, a victim, victims can suffer from syndromes like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. A good personal injury attorney will make sure that you’re compensated not only for your medical bills but for any missed work earnings or trauma disorders that develop as a result of an accident.

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