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Is Your Home Fire Protected?

Southern California is a great place to live. The weather is fantastic, the beach is close and the mountains are only a short drive away. The nice climate, however, also makes our homes quite susceptible to wildfires. Every fall, Southern California residents must contend with the possibility that these events can ravage entire neighborhoods and communities.
With the arrival of wildfire season in Southern California, and an insurance company making news for failing to honor damage claims that resulted from a California fire, now might be the time to review what would happen to your home in the event of a fire. According to California’s Insurance Commissioner, homeowners should prepare themselves today for what might happen if a fire occurred, which includes reviewing your insurance coverage and conducting a home inventory of belongings.
The stress caused by damaged property—from displacement to loss of sentimental treasures—can be devastating and immobilizing. So it’s important to prepare for these potential natural disasters.

Here are a few tips to help with the claims process in the event your home suffers damage from a fire:
  • Contact your insurer immediately to report your loss
  • Do not remove debris or damaged property that may be related to your claim
In addition, there are important steps to follow once you’ve filed a claim:
  • Prepare a detailed inventory of destroyed or damaged property
  • Offer photos or videotapes of your home and possessions to your adjuster, if these are available
  • Keep copies of communications between you and your adjuster
  • Keep records and receipts for additional living expenses that were incurred if you were forced to leave your home, and provide copies to your adjuster
  • Cover damaged walls, doors, windows and roofs with plastic sheeting or plywood
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