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Law Firms Claim NFS to Blame For Rising Cancer Rates

Attorneys from several states have filed a class action lawsuit against Erwin’s Nuclear Fuel Services, citing that the company is responsible for increasing rates of cancer in certain areas. Attorney’s claim that the company portrayed a clear lack of regard for the health and safety of the population in the area. Personal injury attorneys have connected the higher levels of chemicals and radioactive isotopes in the area with a newly rising number in cancer rates.

Clients of these law firms are hoping for compensation from the NFS (Nuclear Fuel Services) for the damage done. They will also be seeking punitive damages as well. Attorneys will also aim to stop the NFS in it’s tracks so that nobody else will be in it’s line of dangerous fire. After all, right in the area of the NFS, significant amounts of cancer cases far outweigh the national average.

There have been several cases over the years in which radioactive testing facilities or fuel service labs have accounted for a rise of cancer cases in the area. Cancer is as dangerous a disease as they come, the cause of a multitude of deaths a year, and a rigorous rehabilitation if survived. Medical bills are expensive and rehab can be draining. It’s extremely important if you find a company’s negligence is responsible for your ill health. Make sure to contact a personal injury attorney for assistance before it’s too late.

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