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Los Angeles Workers Compensation

It is unfortunate that Los Angeles employees may not understand how to collect the benefits they need, or they may be misinformed by their employers about their right to file a claim. In other cases, workers do not realize their injury or sickness was caused by their job, or they may believe that their injury is not serious enough to merit benefits.

If you’ve been injured on the job or have fallen victim to an occupational disease in Los Angeles, don’t lose the benefits that you’ve worked so hard to earn. You and your family deserve the full range of L.A. workers’ compensation benefits—and we can help you make your best possible case. Call the Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyers of Heimanson & Wolf today at (310)-446-1522 or contact us for a free case evaluation.

Or firm has extensive experience with the workers’ compensation system, and our Web site has a wealth of information to help injured workers, including:
  • The types of workers’ compensation benefits that could be awarded to you and your family
  • The disability categories that are used to determine your workers’ compensation award
  • Occupational diseases and Los Angeles workers’ compensation claims
  • Frequently asked questions we hear from our clients about their workers’ compensation cases

Nearly all employees in Los Angeles are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Under the workers’ compensation system, employers agree to pay medical expenses and lost wages for an employee’s job-related injury or illness—even if the employee is at fault for his or her injuries. In exchange, the employee agrees not to sue his or her employer in court for damages.

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