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Man Arrested For Stalking Halle Berry

On July 11th, Richard A. Franco was arrested after he scaled the wall of actress Halle Berry’s house. In a three day span before his arrest, Franco entered Berry’s property, allegedly burglarizing her home and following her around the area. He is being charged with felony stalking and burglary.

For peace of mind, Berry was granted a three year civil restraining order a few days ago. Franco must now stay 100 yards away from Berry and her three year old daughter at all times. Berry has stated that she is ‘extremely frightened’ and concerned.

Stalking and burglary are serious crimes, and they can take a serious toll on victims. Aside from physical damage, these crimes can leave lingering emotional damages in victims, such as post traumatic stress order. If you are the victim of burglary or a stalker, make sure to contact the police at once. After you’ve filed your report, contact a personal injury attorney who can help get you back your peace of mind.

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