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Music as Communication

“I started with Jeff Lorber, a famous jazz producer, in 1993. I got my big break with him and became his second engineer ‘work horse.’ I learned so much with him. I was writing songs and delivering them to the lead singer from Toto until he called me, but I met so many great people. Do you ever feel like you want to tell someone you love them, but you just don’t have all of the words to do so? Music allows me to. I can get on the piano and write a beautiful ballad and they’ll understand how I feel. Music allows me to communicate, music has allowed me to live, feel my emotions, and convey who I am. It allows me to speak in another language. Music is a worldwide language that we all understand. You know when it makes you feel good.”

P.S. Los Angeles,

“Music is how I communicate with the world. Sometimes I struggle to convey things but music helps me put it to the canvas, recording and online. Music is everything to me.”

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