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Plane Crash Leaves One Casualty, Causes Severe Damage

On Monday May 2nd at 8:15 am, a cargo plane traveling from Opa-Locka Airport in Florida crashed moments after take off, colliding with two vehicles and just narrowly missing a house.  The small plane was taking home furnishings to the Bahamas.   The furnishings were destroyed as were the two cars which went up in flames.  Sadly, the pilot died on the scene.  As of now the cause of the accident is unknown, but airport personnel are investigating the incident.
Though air travel is quite safe, accidents still do occur.  These accidents are usually large in scope, and they can cause life altering and catastrophic injuries.  Even minor accidents can lead to life long stress syndromes like post traumatic stress disorder, while larger accidents can have serious physical injuries resulting in paralysis, brain damage, or coma.

Aviation mishaps can have many culprits,  but whether the party responsible for the accident is the pilot, the airline, the airport etc. the victims should always be compensated for the damages incurred.  A good personal injury attorney can make sure that if your are the victim of an aviation accident, you are eligible to receive full compensation.  Also, if certain injuries cause you to miss work, a good personal injury attorney can help you receive full compensation for any loss of earnings incurred.

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