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Probation Officer Arrested For Financial Aid Fraud

US Department of Education special agents have arrested a Rialto probation officer, Angenette Thomas, after she bilked the financial aid system. After being rejected for financial aid because she was already in default on other loans, Thomas applied for loans under a second name, using a different form of identification.

Prosecutors say that Thomas was given almost $18,000 worth of loans that she fraudulently applied for. Thomas faces up to twenty years in a federal prison if she is convicted on charges of financial fraud.

Financial fraud is a serious offense and the road to recovery for those who have been swindled is long and difficult. It could take individuals who have been bilked months and months to regain the earnings they were swindled out of. This is why if you have ever been the victim of financial fraud, you should contact a personal injury attorney at your earliest convenience. They can help you deal with the pitfalls of your loss while helping you find the road to recovery.

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