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Real Stories of a Detective Part Two

“This case had two little twists to it. The first was this. Jane Doe’s case went to trial in a public courtroom and there were a group of California State University, Northridge students from a journalism program there listening. Three days after John Doe was found guilty, one student reached out to me and interviewed me for an article.”

“Three years later the student contacted me again because she was a victim of domestic violence. The District Attorney dismissed her case because it wasn’t found to be ‘enough’ of a felony. Because she was in that courtroom and had my contact information I was able to help her and give her resources for domestic violence. I contacted the Domestic Violence Coordinator for LAPD to review her case to determine if she qualified for a U-Visa. The Coordinator said she did and signed the application.”

P.S. Los Angeles,

“The student graduated from California State University, Northridge and is working with children with special needs but she always liked the field of police work and reporting. She contacted me multiple times to write about overpopulation of jails and Prop 19 and is now following that interest by going back to school to pursue a career in forensics, in hopes of becoming a criminalist.”

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