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Storytelling through a Snapshot

“I travelled a lot as a kid. My parents would always give me the family camera, and I got really into taking the pictures on the trips. When I went to high school, I started taking intro to photography classes. These classes rooted my passion for photography, but I knew I wanted to learn more and I knew I could learn more. I took more advanced classes on film and digital photography at an art gallery in Cincinnati, and it introduced me to a wider perspective of how I could use photography as a job. From photojournalism to shooting album covers, I got more of a professional stance on things. Being surrounded by other photographers and seeing them make a living by being creative with their jobs was really inspirational. It was helpful to be around people who didn’t belittle each others’ dreams.

Growing up, my parents had strict nine to five jobs and I saw them push away careers they truly desired. When it came to my sister and me, they always encouraged us to pursue a career we truly loved, even if we didn’t make as much money. I always enjoyed being creative, and I’ve always been sort of good at it; so, especially after taking the gallery classes, I realized I wanted to pursue art.”

P.S. Los Angeles,

“I love that photography allows me to tell stories; it’s fun to take a picture and not have to explain it. As bad as social media can be, some of the pictures we’ve seen – just looking at the pandemic- shows the loss people can experience. But it can also show some of the most joy people can experience. I’ve never been a good writer, but I enjoy storytelling, and photography allows me to do that.

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