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Studies Reveal Increase In Cancer Amongst Post 9/11 Firefighters

Two recent reports have confirmed a rise in cancer and other diseases amongst the firemen and rescue workers who dealt with the physical aftermath of Ground Zero.  The firefighters who worked searching for survivors and clearing the wreckage are getting cancer at rates much higher then firefighters at any other time.  The cancers found thus far are leukemia, non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, and multiple myeloma.

Officials of New York city are standing pat, expressing that there is not enough evidence connecting the recent cancer cases to the post 9/11 wreckage clean up.  But the recent studies might change exactly that.  They show that certain pollutants emitted from the wreckage do directly correlate with cancer cells.
Though sometimes a firefighter must deal with difficult or dangerous situations, they should never be put into a situation where they’re not insured or supported in case of injury or damages.  The same actually can be said for all jobs.  The city, in this case, or the negligent party must be held accountable.  A good personal injury attorney can make sure that if any injury, trauma, damage, or wrongful death comes as a result of a dangerous workplace, that you or your family, will be compensated properly.

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