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Traveling Tastes Better than Caviar

“I was a teacher for 40 years, and, once I retired, my husband and I traveled around the world. I retired in 2007, and we traveled until Covid hit. We went on about three to four big trips each year, from Europe to Australia to South Africa, really just all over. We loved all of the places we went; however, my favorite activity was walking with lion cubs in South Africa. Curiosity and adventure caused us to start traveling. We loved not only seeing different sites, but also talking to the people. One of the most interesting things was when we met people who were also traveling. It was interesting hearing where they’ve visited; it sometimes influenced the places we went. However, it was also fascinating to meet the native people of each country and learn their cultures.

Because of the pandemic, we’ve been frightened to travel unless we think it is perfectly safe. We feel so grateful to have experienced so many years of traveling already. When we were on our trips, I took lots and lots of pictures. Every now and then, we look through the albums of each country. We don’t feel deprived of not being able to travel now. Covid created a real scare to us. I can’t say I’m disappointed, because I’ve been very fortunate to have experienced as much as we did.”

P.S. Los Angeles,

“Traveling enriched my life, and when we couldn’t travel, it gave us a chance to reflect on everywhere we’ve been. I could share my adventures with friends and family. ‘Forget champagne and caviar; taste the world instead.’ Travel while you can. Don’t put it off if you don’t have to.”

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