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Trial Set For Los Angeles Drunk Driver

Jorge Alberto Molina, a 28 year old Culver City man, has been required to stand trial after an LA Judge found sufficient evidence to convict him on two counts of murder, one count on leaving the scene of an accident, and another on driving under the influence. Molina has been in jail since New Years Eve, the night of the accident, as his bail of $2 million has not been paid. He is due in court in downtown Los Angeles later this month.

On the night of December 31st, Molina, drunk behind the wheel, ran a red light and crashed into a white Geo Prism, killing both passengers, Kelvin and Demetria Dorsey. The couple died as a result of blunt force trauma as their car flipped multiple times on impact. Molina tired to flee the scene but he was quickly caught by pursuing Los Angeles officers.

Drunk driving is a leading cause of car accidents and passenger deaths across the country. Impairing a driver, alcohol compromises reaction time and focus and thus intoxicated drivers will be declared negligent without a second thought. The families of the deceased will no doubt sue Molina on charges of wrongful death, and they’re rightfully inclined to do so. After all, had the driver not been drinking, the Dorsey’s would still be with us today.

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