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Witnesses Claim Beckham Driving Recklessly Before Crash

Last month, soccer star and international celebrity David Beckham was allegedly driving recklessly and speeding as he was making his way home from the Los Angeles International Airport.  A few drivers on the same freeway as Beckham’s black SUV called the police and informed them of a fellow driver breaking a multitude of traffic laws.

Moments after the calls were received, the police were notified of an accident on the highway.  Beckham’s car allegedly caused a multi car pileup accident on the busy highway.  Though Beckham was not issued any tickets for any violations, authorities are looking into the supposed traffic laws he may have disregarded.

Reckless driving and speeding are the causes of many car accidents.  When drivers are reckless, they prove themselves negligent, and thus responsible for these mishaps.  Even the smallest accidents can cause major damage and injury.  Reckless driving can lead to broken bones, fractures, neck injuries, etc.  It’s important that in the event of even the most minor accident, if you are injured even slightly, to contact a personal injury attorney at your earliest convenience.

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