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Woman Compensated After Ambulance Driver Found Negligible

A North East Ambulance Service, responding to an emergency call, crashed into a parked car, injuring the driver, 49 year old Caron Lake. The ambulance struck Lake’s car traveling at 50 mph. The accident totaled Lake’s car, and damaged Lake’s back as well. Lake also reports that the accident has left her traumatized.

Though emergency vehicles are permitted to break certain traffic laws, they are to do so in as safe a matter as possible. They are still obliged to drive in a courteous manner, and they too are accountable if they cause an accident or make a mistake. Lake and her attorney claimed that the ambulance driver made a series of mistakes that could have easily been avoided. The North East Ambulance Service agreed with Lake in admitting the ambulance driver was negligible. They complied with an out of court settlement, compensating Lake for her injuries and trauma.

Car accidents are an every day occurrence, and though the party responsible for the accident is accountable for the damage, it’s often difficult to obtain this legal justice without the help and guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney. Car accidents can result in a plethora of injuries, including broken bones and fractures, and larger accidents can have catastrophic results. Victims might experience paralysis, brain injury, or coma. In even the smallest accident however, a victim, like Lake, can experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. A good personal injury attorney will make sure that you’re compensated not only for your medical bills but for any missed work or trauma disorders that develop as a result of a car accident.

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