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Writing to Inspire

“I love to paint, I love music and teaching myself how to play instruments. Just anything in the arts really. I’m writing a screenplay right now and I’ve written six books. I didn’t go to school for it; I barely graduated highschool. I met people through LinkedIn who introduced me to a screenwriter, who taught me how to write until I was ready. I had a very rough past. Getting a job was difficult, but I decided I needed to do things on my own. I started writing my story, and just threw it on Amazon. I did it all myself and it started selling enough to catch the attention of a few significant people in the industry. Even now, I enjoy meeting new people and learning from all of them.

I write to show that people can change if they decide to and make themself change. By doing it, I am able to help so many people with mental health issues, drug issues, all that. There are a bunch of things that people can kind of connect with and realize that we’re all the same. I get a real rush out of things like that.”

P.S. Los Angeles,

“Seeing or reading a review of my writing makes me feel good knowing I’m helping someone and that people can relate to what I’m writing. I like knowing that it helps people get through the day.”

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