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Young Sexual Assault Victim Files Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit

Marcie Rousseau, a Michigan teacher currently serving four to fifteen years in prison for multiple counts of sexual assault, is in the news once again.  The victim of her past sexual assault has just recently filed nine multi-million dollar civil lawsuits, and another against Rousseau.  The nameless victim is now suing Rousseau, contending that he’s endured physical and emotional damage and injury because of the incident.
The victim is also suing the school, the superintendent, and the district for allegedly ignoring evidence of Rousseau’s sexual assault and thus not discouraging the event in a proper manner.  The victim, who is seeking $1 million in damages from each defendant, has stressed that his life has been altered dramatically from the incident.
Sexual assault and sexual harassment are serious issues, and they can result in severe physical and emotional damage and injury.  The personal injury attorneys at Heimanson & Wolf have years experience in dealing with victims of such sexual crimes.  Sexual crimes can leave lingering emotional damage that can alter your life.  Therefore, it’s  important you work with a good personal injury attorney who can help you receive the compensation you deserve.  Also, like in the case with Rousseau, it’s not only the offender who might be responsible for the incident.  A good personal injury attorney can help you receive compensation from damages that other parties can be held accountable for, like negligence on the part of the school district, the superintendent, etc.

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