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Dancing into Someone New

“My mom was always a dancer at heart, so, when I was three, she enrolled me in dance classes. She also opened a dance studio when I was seven  years old. Dancing was our thing, but it was also what made me closer to my sisters. Dancing was arguably what connected my family. I am currently on the UCLA dance team, which is definitely different from dancing at a regular studio. At a studio, there are various dance styles and groups to dance with, but, at UCLA, there is a specific style to follow and team to dance with. There is less variety, but I like putting all of my energy toward the one style of dance and actively working with the team to improve as a whole. The thought of performing is nerve-wracking before I go on the field, but, once I’m out there, and I hear the people cheering, the crowd’s energy consumes me. I’ve never had so big of an audience. Everytime we score a touchdown, I feel so much pride for the school, and it’s really cool to have such a close connection to such a big school.”

P.S. Los Angeles,

“A lot of the skills that helped me do well in school have come from dance; it taught me the importance of commitment and motivation. I feel like I can be any kind of person when I dance. In any dance I do, there is a different character to portray. When I was younger, I was really shy, but dance was my form of expression and gave me a place that was mine and allowed me to let go of almost anything stressful in my life.”

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