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El Centro Boy In Stable Condition After Pit Bull Attack

On June 11, A 12 year old boy from El Centro, California, was attacked and mauled by his neighbor’s pit bull. The boy was bitten repeatedly in the legs, arms, neck and face, and the dog owner sustained minor injuries as well, as he attempted to stop the attack. It’s not yet known what prompted the attack, but authorities are investigating the reason the pit bull attacked the young boy.

Paramedics rushed the boy to the parking lot at Imagine Charter School where a helicopter was waiting. The boy was then airlifted to a San Diego Trauma center where he now remains in stable condition.

Dog attacks are serious incidents which can have catastrophic results, especially when the victims are young kids. Victims can suffer broken bones or deep lacerations, not to mention head or brain injuries. But dogs are an extension of their owners, and the owners are thus responsible for their dog’s actions. Negligence on a dog owner’s behalf is what leads to many of these attacks. In a court of law, dog owners will be declared negligent and forced to pay compensatory measures to the victim for hospital bills, missed worked earnings, etc.

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