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Excitement in Entrepreneurship

“At 18 years old, my dad and I started a business servicing beverage machines. The business was inspired by my dad who always complained that the beverage companies he worked with had trouble servicing their machines and there was a lack of communication between technicians and restaurants. I came up with the idea of serving as a middleman between the two. When a beverage machine malfunctions, we’re the business that the company calls to repair it.

Creating a business was a huge learning experience but it was helpful to work with someone who had experience. We were fortunate to have one customer before we even opened our doors. As the founder of this business, I got the opportunity to witness the company at every stage of its growth. As we grew, we decided to start outsourcing certain tasks for efficiency. When we began three years ago, it was just the two of us, my dad and me. Now we have a team of ten.

I’m passionate about entrepreneurship because it mixes creativity with economics. When we first started the company we had to maintain organization because there were so many different balls in the air. The biggest lesson I learned was how to be transparent with customers and fellow employees to ensure success for the business.”

P.S. Los Angeles,

“My biggest piece of advice for young entrepreneurs is to always start with an MVP (minimum viable product). It sounds technical but it’s an initial product that you release to get feedback before investing substantial resources. All entrepreneurship takes is an idea and determination!”

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