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“In college, I majored in Japanese and worked on my school’s radio show. While working on the show I learned how to manipulate my voice to create different sounds, and it was fun. My college radio experience gave me the opportunity to move to Japan and become a DJ on a Tokyo station. People began to call into the show, asking me to do voiceovers for them, ranging from video games to car navigation. One of my proudest moments while in Japan was announcing for all of the outdoor games’ medal ceremonies at the Winter Olympics in Nagano. My voice was heard around the world. I even took a photo on the podium! I moved to LA in 2000, and my husband and I created a voice-over production company, producing for clients rather than creating voiceovers ourselves. We now do multilingual voiceovers, working with over 2000 creators around the world to construct voiceovers for our clients (who range from large corporations like Google to tiny companies in Ukraine).”

P.S. Los Angeles,

“People tend to think that anyone can do a voice-over. Which is true. But to motivate a listener with your voice is a skill. I like my job because every day, every project, and every client is different. It’s a freeing occupation because you’re not tied down, you can do it from anywhere and you don’t need very special equipment, and I love the freedom it has provided throughout my life.”

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