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Los Angeles Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

Los Angeles Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

Los Angeles Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Car accidents are a leading cause of accidental injuries and deaths throughout the United States each year, and these incidents can occur for various reasons. When another driver is liable for your recent accident because they were not paying attention while driving, you need an experienced Los Angeles distracted driving accident lawyer to help hold them accountable for your damages.

Los Angeles Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

Representing Distracted Driving Accident Victims in Los Angeles, CA

The attorneys at Heimanson & Wolf, LLP, have extensive professional experience handling a wide range of complex personal injury cases in Los Angeles, including many types of car accident claims. One of the most common causes of accidents throughout the state each year is distracted driving, namely cell phone use while driving. If another driver caused an accident in this manner, you need to know how to prove their liability for your damages.

Our firm will take time to get to know you and the details of how your recent accident has impacted your life. We have the skill and experience necessary to help our clients uncover all the evidence they will need to firmly establish liability for their distracted driving accident, and we know how to optimize our client’s path to recovery. You have a limited time in which to pursue compensation for your accident, so it’s vital to contact us as soon as you can.

Building Your Distracted Driving Accident Claim in Los Angeles

Before you will be able to recover compensation for the damages you suffered in your recent distracted driving accident, you must be able to identify the driver who caused the crash and prove exactly how they caused it. Distracted driving may seem difficult to prove, but a good attorney can help secure traffic camera recordings, witness statements, and various other forms of evidence to help establish fault.

Once you prove fault for any car accident in Los Angeles, you may then proceed with claiming compensation for your damages. This will likely begin with an auto insurance claim against the at-fault driver, as California law requires every driver to have appropriate auto insurance coverage. An experienced Los Angeles distracted driving accident lawyer can help file your claim and resolve any problems you encounter with the insurance company.

After recovering as much as you can from the at-fault driver’s insurance, the remaining damages will need to be recovered through a personal injury suit. This civil claim enables you to seek compensation for any economic losses not covered by the defendant’s insurance. These commonly include property damage, medical expenses, lost income, and lost future earning capacity when a victim is left unable to work due to their injuries.

A plaintiff in a personal injury claim also has the right to claim compensation for their pain and suffering, and other variables may come into play and influence the plaintiff’s final case award. Ultimately, you could be entitled to claim far more compensation than you initially expected, and an experienced Los Angeles distracted driving accident lawyer is your most valuable resource when it comes to maximizing your total recovery.

FAQs About Los Angeles, CA Distracted Driving Accident Law

How Do You Prove a Driver Was Distracted When They Caused an Accident?

Your Los Angeles distracted driving accident lawyer can help determine what evidence can be most effective for helping you prove that the driver who caused your recent accident was not paying attention behind the wheel. Cell phone records can be used to prove they were using their phone when the accident happened, and other forms of useful evidence may include traffic camera footage and eyewitness statements.

Is Cell Phone Use Legal While Driving?

No. State law prohibits the use of a cell phone while driving unless the driver has a completely hands-free speakerphone attachment enabled. If a driver is caught using their cell phone while driving by a police officer, it is grounds for a traffic ticket. If they cause an accident because of distracted driving, they can face criminal penalties alongside liability for the damages they caused.

How Much Can I Claim in Damages for a Distracted Driving Accident in Los Angeles?

If you can prove liability for a recent car accident, the at-fault driver is responsible for any economic damages you suffered because of their actions. These can include your vehicle repair costs, medical bills, and lost income if you are unable to work following the crash. You may also seek as much pain and suffering compensation as you believe appropriate, and your Los Angeles distracted driving accident lawyer can help determine if any other compensation is available.

What Happens if I’m Partially at Fault for an Accident in Los Angeles?

The state upholds a pure comparative fault rule that applies to any civil case in which more than one party bears fault for the damages cited in the claim. This includes the plaintiff, and if the plaintiff is partially liable for their damages, they will lose a percentage of their case award to reflect this. For example, bearing 25% fault in a $100,000 claim would result in them losing $25,000 of the case award.

What Does It Cost to Hire a Los Angeles Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer?

Most of the personal injury attorneys accept clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning the client pays their attorney a percentage of the total case award won from the defendant. However, they only pay their attorney if they are successful with their case. This billing arrangement removes the financial risk of hiring an attorney and makes legal representation affordable and accessible to those who need it most.

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The team at Heimanson & Wolf, LLP, can provide comprehensive legal support for all your recovery efforts following a distracted driver accident in Los Angeles. We have the skills and resources necessary to approach the most complex cases with confidence, and the sooner you connect with our team, the more time we have to build your case. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a Los Angeles distracted driving accident lawyer to start building your claim.

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